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Enhance Your Financial IQ With Novae Money

Financial intelligence is something we can benefit from at all stages of life. Many people today are feeling extreme financial anxiety and are looking for answers. Novae Money provides those answers.


Consolidate Your Debts

Novae Money offers software that allows you to view all of your debts in one place and provides a strategy to pay them off faster.

Manage Your Money

Create a budget inside of the software and keep track of where your money is being spent in real-time.

Credit Analysis

Novae Money allows you to analyze your credit reports and identifies any potential items that could potentially affect your credit.

Credit Correction

Work with the Novae Money professionals to correct potentially negative items and re-establish a stronger financial profile.

What Is Novae Money?

Novae Money is serviced by one of the most reputable financial services companies in the United States, Priority Financial Solutions. Also referred to as, PFS, Priority Financial Solutions is based in Snellville, GA and is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has maintained an A rating for several years since inception.

The Benefits of Novae Money

Without good credit or proper financial habits, it is diffiult to obtain life's necessities, even secure employment. Because of this, more and more people are stuck in sub-par situations that they have no hope of coming out of. Novae Money can help people see the light at the end of the financial tunnel.

Unlimited Access

Our online tools and mobile applications give you a complete view of your finances, wherever you are.


Novae Money analyzes your spending by accessing your bank account. You're still in control - add or edit anytime.

Upload Important Docs

Access your important documents 24/7 through our web interface. Upload all your documents for safe keeping.


Customer communication is extremely important to us. We work to accommodate your communication preferences.


All personal and financial information is encrypted and transmitted with the highest level of security in the industry today.

In The Cloud

No more passing data files back and forth. Just log into your account and you're ready to go — securely and accurately.

What Is Included In Novae Money?

Debt Elimination Software Online Budgeting Tool   Complimentary Credit Education Credit Monitoring Identity Theft Protection Wealth Education Guide

Debt Elimination Software

Life isn’t just about the assets on your balance sheet, it’s also about the debt. Are you spending too much (or maybe not enough)? Combining our powerful tools with the personalized advice of your Advisor Team, we can help your liabilities, as well as your assets.

Online Budgeting Tool  

Where is your money going? Whether you want to reduce your debt or start saving, our personal budget software will help you manage your money. This Online Budgeting Tool uses a proven method of budgeting to help you track your spending. We’ll analyze your finances, help you create a budget planner, and suggest where you can cut expenses or grow savings. It’s so good, it’s guaranteed.

Complimentary Credit Education

Credit is essentially your reputation as a borrower and it tells others how likely you are to repay your loans. As more decisions in today's economy are based on credit, it has become an area of our life that is of utmost importance and requires our attention.

Without good credit, it is diffiult to obtain life's necessities, even secure employment. Because of this, more and more people are stuck in sub-par situations that they have no hope of coming out of. 

Our holistic approach helps participants fix their money issues, which in turn fixes credit issues. Instead of the score being our sole focus, we put together a plan using financial wellness principles to keep the credit at optimal levels even after repair.

Credit Monitoring

The critical first step to rebuilding your credit is to obtain a recent copy of your credit report from the 3 major credit reporting agencies. Our Credit Education Consultants will conduct a professional analysis of your 3-bureau credit report and identify any negative information that may be contained in your report and affecting your credit score. You will need to provide us a government issued photo ID, a document displaying your social security number, and proof of your current address.

After the initial analysis upon enrollment, you are able to keep up with your score and monitor your credit report with our single bureau monitoring service on a monthly basis.

Identity Theft Protection

With our Identity Theft Protection, you can rely on on-demand, personalized attention from a fraud specialist whenever you need it. Our fraud specialists are armed with the knowledge to help reduce the risk of identity theft and provide unlimited resolution assistance should the customer fall victim—providing your customers with emotional support and peace of mind.

Safeguard yourself with the industry’s most comprehensive identity management services. You’ll have access to a network of professional and expert assistance when you need it most. You'll have access to:

  • A Personal Fraud Specialist
  • Assistance with Placement of Fraud Alerts
  • The PFS Resolution Center
  • Assistance Filing Police Report
  • Fraud Victim Affidavit
  • Credit Grantor Notification
  • Governmental Agency And Association Notification
  • Creation of a Comprehensive Case File
  • Active Post Fraud Follow-Up

And much more!

Wealth Education Guide

What would life be like if you could stop worrying about money? What if your retirement plan was fully funded? What if you had the income to take trips when you want, live where you want, do what you want? What if you had someone to coach you along the way? Life would be so peaceful and fun that most people would not believe it.

We transform how you understand, manage and grow your net worth. Get real-time information about your finances via state-of-the-art technology, and personalized, expert guidance to ensure you’re always moving towards your financial goals. We also provide you with a Wealth Guide to further your understanding and begin to develop a game plan to enhance your financial future!

Plan Pricing

Novae Money is one of the MOST affordable products on the market to help customers achieve great financial knowledge, a better credit score, and be on their way to a better financial future!

Only $199 to get started and $29 per month

This product has been priced to help MILLIONS of Americans gain the fresh start they need to a NEW financial future!

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