“We empower people to become the best version of themselves, while educating them on how to live a better life and what to do to initiate that process…..”

A Message From The CEO

Have you ever felt like your dreams were too big? Well, I want you to know, that means you’re probably on the right track - and I’m living proof! When you grow up in a single-parent home and start life off living in the housing projects, the odds of you succeeding on a high level may be stacked against you. Not many people expect much of you. This was me.

I don’t believe that people didn’t want me to succeed, it’s just that most people I came up with didn’t even believe success was possible. After all, they’d never seen anyone else do it! Here’s what I believe made me different: people doubting me and counting me out only drove me to figure out a way I could succeed on a higher level. Something bigger, something better; not just for me, but for my family and my community. And since no one in my family had ever done it, it was going to have to start somewhere, and that somewhere would be with me! Just because we haven’t experienced success doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

I started my journey of entrepreneurship in the direct sales industry while in college at the age of 20 years old. I had no money, lots of debt, no experience in sales or marketing, no mentorship nor direction, but the one thing I did have was a desire to change my life. I had a full time job and my son was born just months before getting started, so needless to say, I did not have a lot of time.

But again, I had desire.

After attending a few conference calls and live training events, I understood how the opportunity to be an entrepreneur through this business model could change my life. So I begin to focus on what I needed to do to become successful. After one year of pursuing the opportunity part-time, I was able to earn over $60,000, allowing me to pay off all my debts and leave my job. After my second year, I earned over $100,000 and by year five, I had some months where I earned in excess of $100,000 in one month! Who knew this opportunity would allow me to become a millionaire in only my mid 20s, after where I started from?

By 29 years old, I started my first direct sales company, to help others experience the success that I had been blessed with. A few years later I stepped down and sold my interest to take care of my mother who was sick with cancer. Unfortunately, by 2011, she started to succumb to this terrible disease. As she knew she was about to pass on, she requested that I return to college to finish my degree since no male in my immediate family ever had. Reluctantly I agreed, but I went on to graduate with an Industrial Engineering degree in 2013, earning Dean’s List honors each semester, fulfilling my mother’s final wish. Upon completing my degree, I started a consultant and training company, working with direct sales companies across the nation, as well as doing several key note speeches when I could.

As I begin to travel and inspire people across the country again, there was an issue I noticed. Many people would come to hear me speak, get excited and inspired, but after the event was over, they had no real plan to put in place, to go back and truly change their life. God gave me a vision of having a company that would INSPIRE people to have more out of life, also to EDUCATE people on how to go about it and to provide them some sort of OPPORTUNITY to make it happen. So in 2014, Novae was born.

Novae is the feminine meaning of the Latin word “novus”, which means new, newness, or new beginnings. The symbol in our logo, the koru, means fresh start. This is exactly what we want to provide to our customers and affiliates when they choose to enroll with one of our programs. We empower people to become the best version of themselves, while educating them on how to live a better life and what to do to initiate that process, and finally providing them with products, services, and additional income opportunities that help them implement the new education that they’ve gained. All of this leading to true life change!

What I’ve learned is my mother, my grandparents, and those beyond in my family tree didn’t gain financial freedom, not because it wasn’t available, but because they never had an opportunity to gain it. No resources, no guidance, no real shot!

Novae ensures that no one has to deal with this again!

Despite having doubters when I started, and sometimes even doubting myself, I kept the faith that good things would happen. Going from trying to learn how to be successful as an affiliate in the Direct Sales industry myself 17 years ago, to leading Novae to become a multi-million dollar company in the direct sales industry within it’s first year, and then in 2016, me being ranked in the top 10 percent of 500-plus direct sales CEOs by! With God, Desire, Opportunity, and Hard Work….. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

The fact is, we are just getting started. We intend to help millions across this country become more financially literate, have great credit scores, live debt free, become successful entrepreneurs by obtaining the funding they need, and earn incomes that not only will help them live the lifestyle they desire, but to break the financial generational curses that have been in our families for years.

We didn’t start Novae to make money, we started Novae to make history! Join us!

To Your Continued and Future Success,

Novae President & CEO


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