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Getting Your Finances in Good Health

This program was designed to help you create an adjustable, fully customizable, personalized financial game plan that will fit both your current financial circumstances and your future financial circumstances.

Benefits of the Financial Wellness Program

  • Ease of Use - Our program is an easy to follow, step-by-step system full of education and hands-on activities
  • Spending Analysis - You'll learn how to recognize and suppress your bad financial habits once and for all
  • Accelerated Debt Payoff - Learn how to allocate your money effectively to get out of debt fast!

What's Included:

Financial Assessment

Where is your money going? Where are you overspending? What can you improve on? You'll be provided with a blueprint that gives you details on how to assess your finances on an ongoing basis to drastically decrease your chances of having financial troubles in the future.

Effective Budgeting Techniques

Learn proven methods that will help you create a budget plan that is easy and simple to follow and also easy to commit to. You'll know exactly where to cut your expenses and accelerate your progress towards your financial goals

The Whiteboard Method

This powerful and proven method explains how to properly allocate your income on a monthly basis and forces you to face your finances daily to keep you motivated on your journey.


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Most People Who Purchase The Course Also Purchase The Financial Wellness Planner

This Financial Wellness Planner was created specifically for this course. This planner will help you keep an accurate record of all of your expenses, debt payments, and savings allocations on a weekly and monthly basis. The planner also doubles as a regular planner, as it features a weekly spread so you can keep your life and finances

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